Sunday, January 31, 2010

Five senses

Can a person feel the five senses at the same time? He can, but can't if he tries to. When a person put all his energy into something, doesn't that mean that the person will have to ignore the rest. And if he ignores it, he will be sacrificing it, and he will never know what he will be sacrificing. If a person wants to be the best, or to be perfect, he cannot sacrifice the other things to concentrate on something.

Is there a difference between sacrificing something in order to get something out of something, and sacrificing something in order to not learn something?

When you don't learn something, you don't need to risk into doing something wrong into that new world. The world you are now is secure, and you don't want to leave it, otherwise you could make mistakes.

And what is the problem with making mistakes? Maybe the people who makes the most mistakes are the people who risk the most, and at the same time are the people who are the most happy with themselves and their lives.


Ana Maria Basso said...

Making mistakes is part of life, whether you learn from them or not. It all depends on how spiritually balanced you are, in my opinion.
Aunt Aninha.

Lorene said...

Life is very complex and short. Although we never know how our next minute will be, we must live one day at the time. Live is also a intense verb of action, it means everything, take opportunities of any kind, and be responsible for all you do, think and tell.
The matter is not sacrificing, but take advantage of all good things you can in life, and the bad things we have to live with we do not pay to much attention, because if we do that they will be monster in your life.
What I want to say is: read a book, learn another language, enjoy friends, do sports, enjoy what you do for work, enjoy the food you are eating, travel, family are all important and you have to do some sacrifice to enjoy any of them, and this is life. More importance word for me is enjoy, and please "do not complain".